Monday, September 17, 2007

Alumni site for YMCA Camp Clark Sandwich MA


I'm hoping to make this site a gathering point for former Camp Clark campers.

I spent many summers at Camp Clark circa 1957-1962.

Camp Clark is now Camp Lyndon and you old campers will be glad to hear that it is alive, well maintained and for the most part has not changed much.

This is the website for: Camp Lyndon

I want to thank "PJ" from Camp Lyndon for taking the time to talk to me and encourage this endeavor.

I'm hoping to organize a reunion at the camp on Lawrence Pond.

If you have access to a computer try visiting this site for a great satellite view.
Google Earth website


Ed Tiernan-Bindler said...

I was a camper here in the early '70's when I was like 11-12 and just today came across 2 unsewn patches 4-5" in diameter in a box! And funny enough, I was in Sandwich recently and didn't know that Camp Clark was there until I found the patches!!!

Ed Tiernan-Bindler

Ev said...

Was there in the early fifties! Trying to get some lyrics of one of the songs we sang in the messhall. "Today is Monday, Monday bread and butter, (then on to the rest of the week) Tuesday green beans, Wednesday s o u p, thurday ?????, Friday fish, Saturday baked beans, Sunday roast beef. All you happy campers we wish the same to you" Obviously looking for Thursday's meal. It was a great summertime experience swimming on Lawrence pond (remember the girls camp around the corner????)