Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Old Photos

This is me and my younger sister Deb (see update below) circa 1957. I'm standing on the side of the first cabin I stayed in. I cannot remember it's name but hope to figure that out soon. This was my first day at Camp Clark.

Update: One of us appears to have failed math. She contends she is 3 in this picture and that it must have been taken 36 years ago. That would make her say 39 now. Here is the math problem. That would mean I'm 46. Understand being 46 is not the problem. Being 46 in the 60 year old body IS the problem.

This is me at roughly the same spot 40 years later and a "few" pounds heavier.

This is me circa 1960.

This was "Uncle Bob" Hastings in the early 1960's.

This is "Spike" circa 1960. I cannot remember his real name.

This I believe is Warren Hastings circa 1960.

This is a group photo taken circa 1960. Notice the flag pole and the chow hall that are both still there. Or at least they were in 1997. That's me the 5th from the right front row with the Camp Clark sweatshirt. I think the kid to my right is Donald Hastings.

The women on the left side of the photo was the camp cook. One day for what ever reason she up and quit. Packed her bags and left mid-morning. At that point we had no cook for approximately 100 campers. That's where my mom and sisters come in. I'll tell that story soon.

One little teaser. I had a teenage sister that summer. She got to spend several weeks at an all boys camp. Oh and did I mention that without showers we all had to take an early morning swim each morning. Oh one more thing no bathing suits this was bath time not swimming lesson time..


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