Saturday, May 10, 2008

Do you remember this!

Thanks to Ron Sousa for the photo of the Camp Clark patch.

Here are some of Ron's memories
I went to Camp Clark around 1970-1971, the picture of the Camp fire and awards ring sent shivers up my spine ,it looks exactly the same except for the picnic table,I remember we used to do archery somewhere behind the mess hall also,I am 47 years old now,and just last night I had asked someone I know who lives near sandwich,if he knew where camp Clark was because I too want to go back and revisit,he told me it was located at Spectacle pond,I remember we used to sleep about 8 kids to a cabin in bunk beds,I remember that there was an arts&crafts building right near the swimming area,the ball field was to the right of the mess hall,I remember the boat house and the house that was up a hill just past it,I remember having to get naked and bathing in the pond,with a bar of soap,I don't think there were any girls there except maybe one that lived in the house past the boathouse,my mother told me today that she still has a letter that I sent her telling her to stop sending me bubblegum because it was getting me in trouble,she also has a letter that I had sent my grandfather,I still have a patch that was on a hat from camp Clark, I hope there is a date on the letter to confirm what year I was there, I am so happy to see these pictures, I live in New Bedford,MA. the city never should have sold that Camp,what a mistake that was. I loved Camp Clark it played an important role in my
growing up as a youngster.The two things I liked best as a youngster was Lionel trains for Christmas and going to Camp Clark.

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