Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The original Camp Clark entrance sign!

I want to thank Jonathan E. Rodwin for contacting me and sending these photos. It sure is good to see that entrance sign again.

What a great treasure for an old Camp Clark camper to have. I'm jealous!

The sign in Jonathan's basement.

Jonathan writes...
"Its only been on display a few weeks, after spending 37 odd years in my parent's attic. I brought it back with me to Buffalo a few months ago, when my parents insisted I finally clean out some of my old stuff from their house, and I put it in the utility room in our basement. But my wife, sensing that the sign had a mysterious hold over me, surprised me one day in early August by putting the sign up in the basement. Maybe that's what got me thinking about Camp Clark, and made me decide to Google the camp this past weekend."

Jonathan's memories:
I was a camper, CIT, Junior Counselor and Counsel at Camp Clark. At the last council fire of the year, each of us threw pine cones into the fire, one pine cone for each year we attended camp. I believe that in my final year at camp, I had 7 pine cones to throw into the fire, one for each year I was there.

I loved Camp Clark -- even today, many of my fondest childhood memories are from Camp Clark. I was at Camp Clark as a counsel in its last year, 1971, before the camp was sold.

I have what is perhaps the "holy grail" of Camp Clark memorabilia -- the approx 3 foot by 4 foot sign that was against a tree by the dirt road entrance to camp. I found the sign abandoned at the entrance to the camp in the late fall of 1971 (my last visit to the camp property), so I rescued it. For many years the sign was in the attic in my parents' house in Connecticut, but I re-found the sign, brought it back to my house in Buffalo, New York, and it is now on display in my basement.

I have a variety of other Camp Clark memorabilia at my house and some still at my parent's house. I'll make an effort to take pictures and send them to you. I know I still have my Camp Clark hat (red hat with the camp logo on the front) because I brought that back to Buffalo with the sign. Somewhere, deep in my dresser, I think I still have my Camp Clark counselor's polo shirt (very worn).

And finally........
Did I see something on your blog speculating about how the council fire was started? I can give you the details of how the "exothermic chemical reaction" was created if you are interested -- it was my job for a time to prepare the council fire!

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