Friday, September 12, 2008

I found the Hastings family.

For several years now I have been trying to locate the Hastings family. All of us I'm sure have fond memories of Uncle Bob and most of us have memories of his wife and children.

Today I had a light go on. The 62 year old brain doesn't work as quick as it use to.

So a couple of phone calls later I had a lead. It was my lucky day because I was able to get the YMCA Retirement Fund to call Alan Hastings and ask him to call me.

Twenty minutes later the call came in.

Alan Hastings... the 3 year search for any family member was over. I found them all.

It saddens me to report that Mrs. Hastings and Uncle Bob have passed away.

But the kids are still here.

Alan, Donald, Warren and Janet.

Alan and I spend twenty minutes on the phone talking about his dad the camp and yes some of you guys.

As luck would have it Alan will be attending a family wedding this weekend and his brothers and sister will be there.

Alan gave me his email address and I have added him to our growing email list. I gave him the website address.

Hopefully we will get additional informations from Alan and his siblings.

Uncle Bob. This is the way I remember him. I'm sure he has a pipe in hand and his breast pocket contains his tobacco pouch. May he and Mrs. Hastings Rest in Peace.

Thanks again to all

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