Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ron Sousa (1970) provides some cool memorabilla. Thanks Ron.

Hi Mom, When you sent me all the gum,Uncle Bob opened it and took it out.So I didn't get it. I told you don't send me gum. Hope the kids are o.k. How are you feeling,did pinky win any ribbons.Ma I made a lanyard. And a recipe holder. I passed chief boatsmens mate. Love Ron.

Now for a little explanation-Hope the kids are o.k.-refers to my four brothers, How are you feeling-refers to my mothers slipped disk in her back, did pinky win any ribbons-refers to pedigree rabbits we owned and brought to 4-H fairs and they were judged and awarded prizes

HI Wayne,this is Ron Souza again,well my mother and I found the postcard that I had sent to my grandfather and there is a postal stamp on it with a date/July 23,1970 ,which is about a week before my 10 th, birthday,I turned 10, on August 5th. Ron

The writing on the back says -I am feeling very well.the activity I liked best today was:arts and crafts,I made 8 things. Boating is fun to.Hope your feeling well grandpa. I'm having a fun time. Love,Ronald

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