Sunday, November 14, 2010

Additional photos at Camp Clark. Taken in 1997 on my day of rediscovery.

The photos in this post were taken in 1997 on my surprise rediscovery of Camp Clark. Now called Camp Lyndon. All of these photos were taken by my sister Cheryl. For a short time (2 weeks) in the early 1960's my Mom 'volunteered' to serve as the camp cook. She packed her bags and my sisters bags and drove to the camp to fill in for the cook who quit just after breakfast. So for two weeks that summer my Mom, sisters and I were all at Camp Clark.  To read how I rediscovered Camp Clark read this.

Boathouse viewed  from what used to be the entrance to the swimming area.

Look close in these two photos. Just to the right of the building, before the dock, sitting in the grass is a boat with a mast. I believe that is the "Duck" sailboat that I learned to sail.

This photo was taken up toward the boathouse. Look carefully straight back and you can see the dinning hall and below that the flagpole and baseball field.

On the day we returned to Camp Clark in 1997 this building was the nature shack. At least that is what it's content led me to believe.

Old and for that matter current campers should recognize this as the dining hall.  During my time at Camp Clark we ate three meals in this large room. It was also used for evening activities. An occasional movie. And activity space on rainy days. One of my favorite memories was singing camp songs after the noon and evening meals.

This was my Mom's kitchen for a brief two weeks in the early 1960's. Although at the time the ceilings had open rafters will a little overhead storage. On at least one occasion the rafters were the 'high ground' for a water balloon fight that my Mom was the target of. She was always a great sport and she worked hard to control the workers so no one got hurt while laughing and ducking the balloon. Now boys, boys lets not get to carried away......SPLASH!  Oh what a memory it still makes me smile.

Ah! the dish room many a former worker remembers this room. Although at the time the room was reversed from this arrangement. The dishwasher was on the wall between the dish room and the kitchen. This view is looking toward the back of the building toward the camp fire area. Behind the photographer is the kitchen, the front of the building and the lake.

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