Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Photos, pennant, swimming and membership cards. Thanks Brian Cormier

These great additions to the website were emailed to me today. The were sent by Brian Cormier Acushnet Mass.

These two cards are great. The first one has the Camper's name Brian Cormier And Robert M. Hastings (Uncle Bob). The second card is a swimming award card. In this case Minnow. If memory serves me right Minnow was the first award you earn in Y.M.C.A. swimming programs. This card has Alan Hastings signature on it. At the time he was the Aquatic Director.

These 4 cards span the years 1967-1970.

Written on the back of this picture. Kevin Reese he lives Brooklyn, NY his dad is a chef.
Dan Murphy writes: Kevin Reese was one on my favorite campers. He was from NY city, and incredibly good natured. Couldn't swim worth sh*t. I was a either a councilor or a JC in New cabin when I had Kevin.

Written on the back. Pat Whitehurst from Maryland and Kevin Bamford from Yarmouth- I do not think the Kevin identification is correct as I remember him as being skinny and with blond hair.

Written on the back... a picture of Craigleigh Cabin and on the back it says- first cabin.

Additional notes from Brian Cormier Acushnet Mass email.....
[My] Mom's body may be failing but her mind is sharp as ever and she says that the first year I went to Clark I stayed in Craigleigh which is supported by the picture, the next year I stayed above the craft shop ( I think this was Cowah?), the following year I stayed up behind the mess hall I do not recall the name of this cabin and then the next two years I believe I stayed in Gordon cabin.
I also have some pages from the Camp Clark Bullfrog Bulletin but attempts to scan them do not go well as they are old mimeographs on colored paper and are barely readable after scanning.

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