Monday, August 29, 2011

40 years ago this pass weekend. A memory from Paul Daffine

"I realized something today. It was 40 years ago this past weekend that we pulled the docks out, pulled the boats out and shutdown Camp Clark for the last time. We did it all while awaiting a tropical storm. That night we eat steaks and smoked cigars in the dining hall, not knowing it would be the last time."  Paul Daffine

As sad as that thought is to me I am forever thankful that Camp Lyndon has survived and is still there as a great reminder of the great place we all knew as Camp Clark.

Thanks Paul for giving us all an opportunity to remember it as it was.

Wayne Griffiths

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Joseph S. Larson said...

While waitng for Hurricane Irene to hit Massachusetts this last weekend I thought about Camp Clark and what we would have been facing as counselors were a storm like this to arrive durning the camp season. The closest that I could come to such an event was to recall our concern about forest fires which were common on the Cape in the 1940's and 1950's.

Fire brooms and buckets were posted around the camp. Anxious parents would sometimes call to Director if they heard of a fire at Camp Edwards Army camp, but thank goodness that during my years we never had a serious threat.

Joe Larson