Friday, September 23, 2011

Camp Clark 1948. Thanks to Joseph Larson for these great additions to Camp Clark history.

CLICK each photo for a LARGER version.

Co-Wah Craft Shop and Lodge. 1st. floor is the craft shop. 2nd floor is lodge (14 campers).

Infirmary and nurse's quarters.
Added info from Joseph Larson

The Infirmary and nurses quarters were both in the building in the picture.
As I recall sick campers entered the right hand door and the door on the far
left was a separate entrance to the nurse's room(s). The Infirmary was at
the far end of the Senior section and near the start of the trail up to


L to R Brian Handspicker (14), Meredith "Jerry" Handspicker,  Joseph Larson (15)
Note: Pete Mandell in the background between Brian and Jerry.


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