Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Marshall Roper adds names and history to camp photos.

Wayne, good to read your still alive.  Yeah I think we worked in either the Kitchen or dishroom together.  I do remember staying at your house for a weekend and never getting out of the pool.

I was reading the local Cape paper and saw a little article about Camp Clark and it had your name in it so I went to the blog and there you were.  I've renumbered some of the pics and remember some more names.

In Pic 1 the guy with his hands on his hips is Jay Steptoe.  The little kid to the left is David Ables' little brother but I can't remember his name.  I'm not sure but I think the kid hitting the ball was the son of the Nurse for that year.   I googled Steptoe and there is an "Old Guy"  ( see pic 4) who looks very similar that works as a lawyer for NASA.  If my memory serves me right the attachment point on the tether ball hurt like hell if you punched it.

Pic 2 shows Bill Eckert driving the ski boat.  I did that too after my dutys in the kitchen were finished.

Pic 3.  The guy in the glasses was the councilor in Gordon cabin and the Nature guy.  I remember him to be real smart and I think he had someting to do with the Boston Museum of Science.  I say that because he brought down a porcipine named Herkimur and a sparrow hawk for the summer and they were really exhibits at the Museum.  I think the kid in the stripped shirt was the little brother of on of the othe councilors.   I think his name was Doug.

The Group Pic.  Sitting cross legged in front of the flag pole in the stripped shirt is Allen Winkler, to his right in the long sleeve shirt is a kid whos last name was Monk.  2 guys to his left (also in a stripped shirt) is David Able.  Standing behind and to the left of Mrs J is Renie Lyonaise I think.  He could swim forever under water.

Kneeling directly in front of him might be Bill Cuddy.  Don Hastings is the 5th kid to his fathers right.   I think they took the white out to me.  Next to Bill Cuddy is, I think, is a guy named Zimmerman and in front of him is his brother.  Zim was the Athletic Director that year.
Thats all I remember for names but the camp always brings back memories.  

Marshall.... let me add this ID front row 5th from the right kneeling is me Wayne Griffiths. 6th from right is Donald Hastings  and back row just to the right of the flag poll is Warren Hastings (I believe that is right in both cases)

Marshall continues.........

I remember getting picked on for not saying my "Ahs" properly, according to the NJ contingent.  

I remember pulling brush down the road to the swamp by the Junior area at the start of the waterfront improvement project.  I remember pulling roots in the middle said project and I remember picking rocks and stones at the end.  After that was done we went up to the new baseball field and picked stones and rocks there. 

 I remember trying to get all the sand out of your bunk so you could win cabin inspection and be first in line at the candy store. 

My kids and I are going to be looking at a bunch of photos taken over the last 60 plus years and if and camp stuff shows up I'll email them to you. 

Take care, Marshall

Wayne with Lake Superior's Chequamegon Bay in the background.

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Anonymous said...

that's me in pic 1, on the right with hands up ready to hit the ball, tether ball was my favorite game..Tom Thayer, Maricopa AZ