Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thanks to Pete Mandell and .....

his great news releases in Cape Cod and New Bedford newspapers we now have some new Camp Clark camper who have found us and the website. Thanks again Pete.

So over the last month I have been contacted by the following campers.

Marshall Roper, Don Johnson, Tom Tollefsen, Carl Johnson, Bob Caswell.

I have added them to our email list.

Marshall, Don and Tom have added some of their memories via their emails. I have ask and in two cases received their permission to post their comments. I will be doing those posting over the next few days.

I am really excited about these new contacts.

Thanks to Pete and thanks to those individual for taking the time to make the initial contacts.

For everyone who has joined us let me again invite you one and all to offer up your memories and photos for us all to share and enjoy. I will make every effort to get them posted so that they reflect your memories.

If I haven't said it before please consider this website to be yours as well as mine. It is ours to share the memories we all have. Yes I took the time to "build" the original but since then it has been the combined effort of all of you who have share your (in many cases) extensive memories.

So if you have something you want to share the space is there. If you have questions about how to contact me directly email me. For now look to the email that I will send out later today. It will contain complete contact info.

Every time someone offers a new piece to the puzzle I am so thankful to learn things I didn't know about the camp the people and the stories about the special place we all shared. Keep them coming.

My new information is the Uncle Bob Hastings is buried in Florida. I did a rather extensive search in the New England area to find him and his family.  To date I was only able to locate Allen in New York State.

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