Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I think in the advertising world what I'm about to post is called a teaser.

Over the last few weeks I have received some great photos and stories from Tom Tollefsen and Bob Zimmermann.

In total well over 60 individual photo, news stories, and Camp Clark forms. There are photos of the waterfront, sailboats (The Duck?) , cabins, the Sunday services area near the junior section including the altar and benches, the rustic wooden cross on the top of Brown Bread, the inside of the mess hall from the stage during (singing or a bad weather day?), a great news story with photo of Robert S. Dennie (Spike) and a newspaper group photo and a photo of the camp mascot Mickey (my guess a Springer Spaniel white & black or white & brown).

These great photos will take time to process and get ready to post to the website. I do not want to miss any of memories that are contained in this material. Many of them brought back personal memories of the camp in the late 50's and early 60's.

Great things coming honest I promise. Now for a little truth telling. It is winter where I live in northern Wisconsin and it is in the peak of ice fishing season. I live 2.4 miles by 4 wheeler from my favorite spot and the fish have been biting... So if the truth were known I'm fishing every chance I get. With any luck we will have another 2 to three weeks of good fishing. So this is a teaser post because it will be a little while before I have to stay off the ice and find a project at home.

For those of you from the south look here, here, here and here are some of my latest ice fishing trips on to Chequamegon Bay.

Now for one quick apology to Bob Zimmermann for having to cut short a phone call I received  from him while I was on the ice.

Apologies Bob the fish were really biting. I owe you a phone call.

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