Thursday, March 29, 2012

Joseph Larson did some "digging" and expands on the Camp Clark camp fire ritual

The Camp Clark camp fire ritual seems to be adapted from the Peace Pipe Ritual described by Ernest Thompson Seaton in his handbook, “The Birch Bark Roll”.  Joe Larson

"To Wakonda, the one Great Spirit; that his wisdom be with us. Hay-oon-kee-ya. Noon-way." All answer, in a long intonation, and slightly raising the flat right hand: "Noon-way." (Amen, or this is our prayer.)

Chief: "To Maka Ina, Mother Earth, that she send us food. Hay-oon-kee-ya. Noon-way."
All (as before) : "Noon-way."

Chief: "To Weeyo-peeata, the Sunset Wind, that he come not in his strength upon us." (Blows smoke and holds the stem to the West.)

"To Wazi-yata, the Winter Wind, that he harm us not with his cold." (Pipe as before to the North.)

"To Weeyo-hinyan-pata, the Sunrise Wind, that he trouble us not with his rain." (Pipe as before to the East.)

"To Okaga, the Hot Wind, that he strike us not with his fierce heat." (Pipe as before to the South.) "Hay-oon-kee-oon-ee-ya-snee. Noon-way."

All: "Noon-way."

Great job Joe!

Does anyone know where the "Camp Clark Peace Pipe" is?  Or does anyone have a picture of it?  Wayne

Update # 1: Joe your "digging" and findings sent me digging and here are my findings. This is a slightly different book than the one Joe sites. This one was available in an on-line E-Book version and found HERE.

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