Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kenneth Hokanson "the summer of 58"

Email 04/07/12

Hi Y'all,

Some of the posts have brought back numerous memories.

I think it was the summer of '58 and the camp had two African American female cooks that summer, one being fairly large and the other thin as a rail.  The water heater had been giving trouble for a while and Uncle Bob , I believe, had been trying to get he New Bedford Y to get us a new one.   One morning, as I was seated in my "Mushroom throne",  I heard a loud explosion coming from the mess hall, and dashed out of the Kraft shop and started  up the hill only to slow down and try to control my laughter. There, in the side doorway of the Mess Hall, were the two cooks, wedged in the doorway like something out of a 3 stooges movie!  Finally, one backed off a bit and the two exited the Mess Hall, visibly shaken and upset.  Although they might not have been the best cooks in the world, Uncle Bob gave the O. K. for the counselors to disconnect the water heater and get it out of the mess hall.  This was accomplished among great merriment, and it was shoved out one of the front windows of the mess hall.  I do not know where it disappeared to next - perhaps to the mythical Sam Babbitt cabin?

This lead to another memory involving a brother.  William (Wild Bill of the late 50's) was put in charge of the dish room around this time, and did an excellent job except at very quiet moment in the mess hall, William would scream, in his high voice, oscenities at the dish room wokers at the top of his lungs.  It embarassed the devil out of me although all, including Uncle Bob, Spike and the rest found it amusing.  Me not!!!

It is interesting to find out after all these years that Fuzzy had a real name.  We were neighbors in 1957, He in Kiwanis and I in Rotary

Have fun, Folks,

ken (Horrible Hokey) Hokanson

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