Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Camp Clark - July 2012.

These photos were taken by my wife Donna while she was on a vacation last week to see her family in the Taunton MA region. Thanks to her and her dad for taking the time to take these photos.

 I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I do.

We should all be happy to see just how well the current steward's of the land, lake and buildings are honoring their stewardship.

Although some of the buildings have changed.  And a few old ones are gone.  And some new ones have been built.  It is still the camp we all knew.

Thanks to the Camp Lyndon staff and it's supporters for keeping our camp memories alive and flourishing

Respect - Honesty - Caring - Responsibility

    #2012-01  The dining hall from the entrance to the waterfront.

 #2012-02  The dining hall and flag pole from the entrance to the waterfront.

 #2012-03  The "Junior" Section from the Gazebo area. The lake is to the left.

 #2012-04  The Boat House from the beach/ Gazebo area.

 #2012-05  The Gazebo near the waterfront entrance.

 #2012-06  The Gazebo near the waterfront entrance. The "Junior" Section in the distance. I believe the craft shop use to sit on the approximate footprint where the Gazebo now sits.

 #2012-07 The "Dining Hall".

  #2012-08 The "Junior Section" from the Gazebo area.

#2012-09 The "Waterfront and Junior Section" as seen from the "Boat House".

 #2012-10 The "Nature Shack". This was one of my favorite places to hang out. It's probably why I have a BS in Biology.

 #2012-11 The upper floor in the "Boat House". I helped pound nails into the sub-flooring when this building was being built.

 #2012-12 This building used to be the "Candy Shack" in the late 50's and early 60's. If memory serves me right.

#2012-13 The "Boat House".

#2012-14 Camp Staff Jeremy Shea served as Donna's guide for the tour. Thanks Jeremy for making this 2012 photo visit to "Camp Clark" possible.

#2012-15 The "Waterfront". This photo made me smile. It is a great feeling to see "our memories" are alive and well and kids are still there.

#2012-16 The "Boat House".

#2012-17 The "Waterfront" for the "Dining Hall".

 #2012-18 Inside the "Dining Hall".

#2012-19  The "Dining Hall" we all know. The kitchen, fire place and the dish room.

#2012-20 The entrance to Camp Lyndon

Respect - Honesty - Caring - Responsibility
Well Done!

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