Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Our newest alumni Neal Russell has a tale to tell.

Thanks so much for sending me the BlogSpot, great job with a load of info. Certainly brought back some terrific memories.

On to the tale 
Quoting the old TV Dragnet Series "The names have been changed to protect the innocent"

Neal's memory..... 
I recall that one year a motel was being built on a nice beach across the lake and some counselors participated in a late night canoe trip across the lake and thru some materials around -  no real damage, just a way of protesting. Lo & behold, the State Police showed up the next morning. To protect the Sr. Counselors a couple of Jr. Counselors decided to take the fall. It ended up in an out of court settlement where charges were dropped by the property owner after some hallway discussions & an apology. A truly great adventure.

For those who forget the geography.

Lawrence Pond

Camp Clark (Camp Lyndon)

 Is this the target area (?) across the lake as it appears today.

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