Monday, May 6, 2013

This great photo was taken by Renee Fazio.

Thank you Renee for granting permission for me to use your photo.
Please visit Renee's website to view her work.

I remember this view from my days at Camp Clark circa 1960.  How about you?

About Renee in her own words.
Renee Fazio is a self taught, ambitious photographer who specializes in glamour and family portraiture and special events.  She has a passion for capturing genuine emotions and goes out of her way to make everyone feel comfortable and laugh.

The daughter of an avid photographer, Renee grew up with a camera in hand.  At the young age of 8 she would line up her dolls for portrait sittings and take photos of them.  After she suffered the loss of her father she wanted his passion to live on through her.  She became actively involved in the art world studying from well known locals and reading as much as she could get her hands on.

Her work has been seen on the covers of New Bedford guide, and Dartmouth Guide.  She has also exhibited numerous times at Gallery X in New Bedford, MA.  Her piece "The beauty that Awaits," received newspaper recommendation in 2012.

A message from Renee: If I could say only one thing about my work it would be that I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity to document these moments of your life.  

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