Friday, October 30, 2015

Pete Mandell makes a suggestion to help remember our camp. And keep it thriving.

Pete: I got to thinking about how (oddly enough) we loyal Clark campers owe a huge debt of thanks to the Lyndon folks at the Cape Cod YMCA. 

For any new visitors, recall that:

 1.   In 1970, a major effort was made by a lot of dedicated Clark supporters to save the camp from being converted into a subdivision.

 2.   The effort to save Camp Clark failed, but the campsite was kept out of the hands of eager developers – thanks to the Cape Cod YMCA’s purchase of the camp.

3.   In 2003, the Cape Cod YMCA and the Town of Sandwich entered into a legal agreement called a Conservation Restriction to ensure that the land that was Camp Clark, now Camp
Lyndon, must remain essentially as it is today and, barring action by the Massachusetts Legislature, the property will forever remain a place for camping activities that we were all lucky enough to enjoy.

So… it occurs to me that we should all consider supporting Camp Lyndon if we can. You can make donations for camperships and/or their building and maintenance programs - and think seriously about including the Cape Cod Y’s Camp Lyndon in your will.

To get information about supporting Camp Lyndon’s campership program  or to help in other ways, call PJ Richardson at 

GREAT IDEA!  Pete...... Wayne

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